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With age, comes experience which creates wisdom to grow yourself into the best, most creative, valuable person you can be.

Here we are, yet again; Another year.

Another year of failure. Another year of succeeding.
Another year of disappointment. Another year of trust.
Another year of self-doubt. Another year of self-confidence.
Another year of ignorance. Another year of learning.
Another year of problems. Another year of opportunities.
Another year of challenges. Another year of conquering.
Another year of stagnation. Another year of growth.


With age, comes experience which creates wisdom to grow yourself into the best, most creative, and valuable person you can be.

All the years of being younger, unknowing, and confused felt like blissful ignorance. Once the realization of the world kicks in, it’s a sledgehammer to the gut for some of us.



In my life, I’ve experienced what I would deem as failures, which others would view as positive achievements, only for me to continue to see those failures for what they were; Failures that led to alternatively successful situations. “When one door closes, another opens,” is a statement that cannot be truer in my personal experience. It took me many years to teach myself to see life in such a manner. When I finally saw things in the light of the positive day, it defeated many thoughts of suicide. Although I now see what people mean when they say “life is hard,” for the majority of us, the truth is that we make life hard for ourselves inside our minds.


Hard Knock Life

Life is not hard. Most of us are just full of dread and disbelief. Fear and self-doubt have been the killer of a millennium of dreams. Growing older encourages us to ignore those feelings against the ticking clock of existence. Although humanly fickle at times, I’ve taught myself to do my best to at least give a solid effort at what I want to achieve. With that being said, it takes some of us quite some time to find “that thing.”


Things Realized

One of the things I’ve realized is that there is no way to avoid disappointment from others, as well as yourself. We’ve all been let down by someone at some point. Trust is a very coveted, valuable thing to achieve but is so fragile that it can be lost in a moment, spoken by the most delicate voice, by as little as one syllable. I’ve taught myself to be careful when giving out my trust, but not to be so attached to that trust to where it devastates my world.


Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome, I believe, will exist in all of us internally to some degree. At some point, we all question our awareness; Only a fool would not. I feel that it’s natural to second guess yourself as you strive to convey proper information and personality; A quick mental checkup if you will. Typically, most people wouldn’t catapult themselves into an unknown industry or subject matter without having some level of expertise. Aside from the books filled with knowledge, I’ve thoroughly realized that doing is most definitely learning. I’ve taught myself to move forward almost blindly with my eyes wide open because I am equipped with some adequate level of an arsenal. That thought process, again, helps defeat fear and self-doubt.


99 Problems

We all have 99 problems, but it’s all in the way you perceive them. Problems are not incurable diseases; They are, in fact, assets to which you can craft yourself into a greater being. Problems are your opportunity to reflect and learn what to avoid or alter into positive outcomes. With problems, failure may coincide, but with failure comes growth. I’ve learned to embrace failure because I cherish in tandem growth.


Moments Of Thought

Think for a moment about what life consistently is. Even from birth, life is a constant challenge of learning as well as the challenge of keeping your abilities, integrity, health, relationships, status, wealth, and much more. Life is also a great joy. The state of being alive as a human, with at least the simplest ability to just breathe in fresh, outdoor air, is an almost indescribable feeling that is subconsciously addicting to our souls. I’ve learned not to fear challenges, but to embrace them because the joy of conquering your challenges is almost as an invigorating experience as breathing.



Can you hear that sound too? It’s the sound of our life’s clock ticking away every second. Life is so precious, yet so powerful. We each have the power to create something great, but so many choose not to do so. It’s very hard to see people in this world not utilizing their capability of learning and the power of creativity to form the life they desire. These days, so many people think they do not have the opportunity to achieve some level of greatness. In this era, most of us have opportunities far beyond anyone previous to our current reality. Yes, I’m from the “there’s no excuse” culture, but it took me a while to arrive. With age comes wisdom. I have learned that to be stagnant, is to die.

I am driven to continue to teach myself how not to die while continuing to breathe.

Here’s to another year.


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