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Off The Dome (Path To Success)

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When you're in the world of business, the things you learn may astound you.

Long Game Success

When you’re in the world of business, as well as just living your everyday life, you are surrounded by grand opportunities that can massively alter your path to success towards good or bad.


Just Pay Attention

One thing I’ve learned along this journey is how to pay attention to the learning moments that the Universe presents to me every day. This is not something that most people know innately. It is a concentration and a practice of acknowledgment that can literally change your life.


Daily Gifts

Every day, with every encounter, interaction, communication, glance, and smile, the Universe is presenting you with vital information about the path before you and what the path behind has taught. In order to utilize this information to your advantage, you must learn how to pay attention to these key divine communications.


Free Benefits

With every interaction with others throughout life, there is a cosmic exchange happening. Whether it be knowledge or emotion, other people are receiving something from you or you from them. Every exchange, even nonverbal, is beneficial.


It’s All In Nature

To tap into this natural power that we were all born with, stop for a second and actually realize that moment that has just occurred and the possible reasoning behind it.



With this practice of acknowledgment and the realization that you are subconsciously providing value to others, you will begin to connect the dots that will proceed to unlock your life and your success.


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