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Starting Now, Sort Of

calligraphy on parchment
I'm finally jumping into the blog game? Hilarious, I suppose.

First blog. Off the dome.

I’m not sure if it all qualifies, but most of us have been “blogging” our lives on social media platforms for years. For some reason, this feels much more personal.

At this point in my journey, I’m embarking on a project that merges my love for media creation and artistry with my growing interest and involvement in the industry of real estate investing. For the majority of my life, it seems as if I’ve been naturally lured to the arts, artistic things, and artistic people since my birth.

I’ve always felt torn between “Heaven and Hell.”

Being that the majority of the world knows me from my days as a Metal musician, it may appear a little odd to see me delving into any unrelated business industries, but to me, it feels quite natural. Although I do love the evil, the grotesque, and the deviant, I still very much love the happy, positive, shiny aspects of being alive with the opportunity to interact with great people and to do good things in this world. I’ve always felt torn. It’s always felt natural.

From Death Metal to business suits.

I’ve been admiring business from afar for quite some time and annoying all my friends and family along the way. So many things have been touched upon, tried, and sampled, but nothing has ever felt totally right. This forthcoming project just feels right. Throughout my life, I’ve heard from many well-known people that you should live your life doing things you actually enjoy. I’ve also heard that you should focus on what you always come back to. With me, I always come back to being a content creator, producer, and the aspects of home and creating beautiful, inviting dwellings. Now, it’s going to happen in my way. I feel the future will be very positive, productive, enlightening, and appreciative. One of my big life goals is to give as much as I can while sustaining a life I enjoy.

This is just my first blog; thoughts from my current mind.

If you happen to be interested in taking part in this journey with me, feel free to contact me. I’d love to have you.

Thank you.


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